Germany Supports Indonesia’s ISIS Affiliated Islamic Defender Front (FPI)

An unexpected visit of a German diplomat to Indonesia’s Islamic hardline group of Islamic Defender Front (FPI) has stirred uproars in Indonesia. The latest move of German Angela Merkel’s policy was seen as intervention of domestic affairs and against the international law, supporting terrorism in Indonesia.

Despite the Germany’s struggle against terrorism at home, Germany has become the first Western country to connect with the Indonesia’s ISIS affiliated group. The visit was used by the FPI to promote its long campaign for intolerance, radicalism, terrorism in Indonesia.

Several photos of unknown female Germany’s diplomat, recognized only by the Germany’s diplomatic vehicle, was spotted entering the radical group’s office in Jakarta. The FPI held a press conference, saying that the German Government expressed condolences for the death of 6 terrorists killed by the Indonesia’s police squad.

FPI is infamous for its terrorist activities; from burning houses of Ahmadiyah followers in West Nusa Tenggara to the killings of its followers in Cikeusik, West Java. Apparently, FPI is an Indonesian terrorist group whose goal is the implementation of Sharia’s law in Indonesia.

Recently, a widely spread video footage showed the terrorist group attacked a house church gathering in West Java’s Bekasi town, two FPI men, led by Ustad Muliana, a branch office of FPI leader bursting into the home threatening the worshippers to stop the religious gathering.

The FPI group technically should no longer exist in Indonesia as its permit expired in 2019, yet as a terrorist group, FPI has strong links with trans-national organizations such as Hizbut Tahrir group, ISIS, Saudi’s hardline Wahabi followers and Islamic Brotherhood (Ikhwanul Muslimin), promoting intolerance and practices of strict unlawful Islamic sharia.

Indonesia’s Constitution guarantees freedom of practicing religions and recognizing six religions of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Protestantism, Catholicism, and Confucianism. FPI’s stance is against tolerance and multi-religious co-existence, promoting unlawful Sharia law in Indonesia.

Therefore, the visit of German’s diplomat to the FPI’s headquarters has been seen as politically motivated action. Germany has been for many years under the influence of United States, with its foreign policies under the direction of the US.

The visit of the German diplomat was an act of interfering in Indonesia’s domestic affairs, showing Germanys as the US proxy against China. Germany – and Europe – and US have been working to interfere Indonesia’s close ties with China which has improved developments in many Indonesia’s vast regions. Therefore, the visit was an act of stupidity of German Merkel’s political stance, by supporting terrorist group FPI.

The Germany’s stance on supporting the group widely known as an affiliation of ISIS group has shown different policy on terrorism from German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Speculations have been widely heard from many prominent figures in Indonesia; such as a failure of Germany to stem terrorisms in its home country.

The Indonesia’s Minister of Politics, Law and Security Mahfud Md and the Minister of Foreign Affairs should summon the Ambassador of Germany for clarification of its German Embassy diplomat supporting terrorist group. A possible expel of the German diplomat will also be sought, as the diplomat has violated international law by supporting terrorist group and interfering Indonesia’s domestic affairs. (Ninoy Karundeng).

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